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The Virtual Learning Experts

Whether you want to explore the potential benefits of using virtual learning systems, enhance an existing system or outsource the day-to-day managemnet of your system. Examginny provides advice to educational institutions and agencies in Nigeria, Africa and the world to help develop and successfully implement Virtual learning
tools that foster quality teaching, research and enhanced student Learning experience.

Who we are

Examginny is a Virtual Learning Project For Africa. The goal of this project is to promote and improve the use virtual learning systems in Africa.

Our mission is to help institutions across Africa successfully integrate e-learning into their existing course structures, positioning them to meeting the needs of the next generation of students and instructors.

Examginny is a collaborative project made up of dedicated team of volunteers and contributors with passion for improving the quality of education in Africa and around the world.

We bring passion to we do. We meet opportunities and challenges head-on, with unwavering optimism, innovation, collaboration, and resourcefulness. Above all, we are humbled to contribute to making education affordable and accessible to every student with a computer in Africa and around the world.

Web Conferencing & Teaching System

The Web Conferencing & Teaching System is our most recent project.It is an easy to use web conferecing system for distant learing, e-meetings, and online tutoring.

Course Management System

The Learning Management Systems project focuses on maximazing the functionalities of existing widely used platforms like Moodle and sakai.

School Managemnet System

The School Management Systems project explores new plugin potentials, deployment and customization for platforms like fedena and schooltool.

Online Gradebook

eGradebook is an easy to use online platform for managing and presenting students’ information, grades and attendance records elegantly.

Partner and Innovate with us to build the right Virtual Learning and Teaching System for your School. Just get in touch!

We will be happy to work with your institution to develope and implement customized cost effective Virtual Learning System that meets your need.


Examginny aims to promote and improve the use virtual learning systems in Africa and around the world.

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